South African actress Lesego Motsepe chose World Aids Day 2011 to publicly  disclose for the first time, her HIV status that existed for the past  10 years  or  at least over a decade ago.

Motsepe was best known for her role as Lettie Matabane on local television (ITV )soapy Isidingo and she quieted that role when her condition deteriorated and was constantly sick.

 By coming publicly  clear of her status, Lettie, as affectionately known by her fans , said she wanted to make a difference by showing other infected people ,who are afraid of coming out of the closet , that even celebrities can be infected with the HIV virus  the same way as anybody and that it is not the end of the world when you are living with the virus . 

Lesego Motsepe, the daughter of the multi-millionaire icon ,Mr. Patrice Motsepe ,seen here weakened by the HIV virus. Her face tells the whole story of agony ,pain, distress and regret. This virus is a real destroyer and people must  take it seriously and start  acting responsibly from now onwards. The ABC precautionary measure is of paramount importance when it comes to this virus.(Abstain, Condomise and rather Be faithful to your partner) Most people find this extremely Difficult.

She publicly said“ The virus lives in my blood for 13 years that I had known, and I wanted to use the opportunity that God gave me as a  public figure, to be able to be a mentor to those who will be going through the same ordeal as  I have gone through,” I know all the stress of imagining yourself already dead and in the coffin and blaming other people for your condition due to this monster  virus but counseling and group discussions really help one to cope. The more you share your fears and frustrations with other people the better, because you actually become relived.

She further said she went through denial, resentment, hate, rejection and dejection from the people that she loved.


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